The concept of residential complexes

We continue to look at the causes of illiquid apartments. Another reason is the poor concept or lack of concept of the project, which leads to difficulties with the sale of real estate.

By concept, we understand — a description of the main idea of the project, the target audience, and its interests, the goals of the project and strategies for their achievement, the product, and its main properties. This is a model that describes all the major factors and architectural design of the project.

There is no need to confuse the concept and infrastructure, the concept and “yard without cars”, the concept and improvement, the concept and commercial premises on the first floor, and, finally, the concept and name of the project.

The concept is important, both at the stage of setting the task for the architects and when communicating with the consumer.

At the moment, the most relevant are those concepts that offer a certain lifestyle with peculiar characteristics and different options.

Particularly relevant is the trend for multifunctional projects, combining residential, commercial, office, educational and entertainment functions. Quarterly development projects with detailed infrastructure have also been developed.

As an example from the history of our facilities, we may mention the Klimenko House project, which lacked the concept and the Smart Plaza Polytech project, which had a clear concept. Accordingly, the timing and effectiveness of the projects differed more than twice.

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