Smart Plaza Polytech: reputation management

The UDP acquired the rights to suspended construction site at 26 Peremohy Ave. New City Developers were engaged in the marketing and sale of apartments in the residential complex (RC). The property has remained suspended for 8 years.
One of the important areas of our work has been managing the reputation of the RC.

What was done:

1)Information that was published in the media, on thematic media resources, social networks and forums were monitored. Anything negative was identified then divided into groups:⠀

• Negatives associated with the termination of construction.
• Information on possible construction problems.
• Information on legal issues and legal disputes surrounding the complex.

2) An action plan was created to work with each of these groups:

• Information was distributed about a new developer with an excellent reputation.
• Expert reports were reviewed. This showed that the RC complies with all building codes and standards.
• All relevant parties were informed about the dismantling of the old facade structures planned for the new project.
• Ensuring that it was reported that all legal disputes were settled, and the interests of former investors would be taken into account when implementing the project.
• Work was done on social networks and forums to counteract negativity. All appropriate parties were informed about the current state of construction.


  1. The impact of negative reputation diminished, and confidence in the RC increased.
  2. In the first 2 months, 28 apartments were sold.
  3. The price of apartments increased by 10% per square meter.

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