Online survey is a modern method of effective marketing research

Recently, internet marketing is developing very fast and improving the quality of online activity. With the development of technology and the proliferation of the Internet, marketing research is changing: their volume is increasing and quality standards are rising.

With online research, you can get a lot of primary information: target audience research, consumer opinion research, service quality research, market change trends, competitors’ marketing activities, and more. ⠀

At the end of 2019, New City Developers also conducted an online survey to identify the awareness of new buildings and developers in the city of Boryspil. The survey lasted 1 month and covered 10,000 people (the population of Boryspil is 60 672 people), 250 questionnaires were generated. ⠀

We investigated such indicators as Top Mind (1st mention in the list of new buildings and developers without a clue), Spontaneous (name without a clue), Brand Awareness (a name from the list with a clue). Advertising activities of competitors were also investigated. ⠀

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