Digital transformation

After we started the digital transformation in our business, we didn’t expect where this would lead us. Recently, we’ve transformed the following areas:
– Presentation of real estate to the client (3D models, Virtual tours, VR AR solutions)
– Automatic lead generation (Facebook ads and Google ads)
– Give the content to new clients (ManyChat)
– Clients and analytics – CRM
– Auto-messaging – email, SMS, messengers
– Auto-publishing classifieds (aspo)

All of these about digitizing the speed and efficiency of the right business processes and business functions.
But we do not work with all the available data that we collect from our clients! And I think it should be the main direction of the next digital transformation. Such areas like data-driven pricing and the best decision-making process can lift us to a high level of sales.
If anyone has ideas or information about digital products in these areas we’d be very appreciated and ready to implement it.
And the last point – it seems to me digital transformation will force us to completely change the model of our business! This is really exciting.

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