DGNB Environmental Certification System (Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer nachhaltiges Bauen)

The system was developed by the German Sustainable Construction Council (DGNB) for use as a tool for designing and evaluating the quality of buildings.

It is based on the concept of integrated planning and takes into account all important aspects of construction. However, the system has a high degree of flexibility.

So, each type of building has its evaluation matrix. The categories “Socio-cultural and functional quality”, “Ecology” and “Economy” have the same weight in the overall assessment (22.5% each), and the category “Process management” – 10%. The Location category is not included in the overall rating and is considered separately.

As a result of certification, you can get a certificate of one of the levels: gold, silver, bronze.

There is also a building in Kyiv that has successfully been certified by the DGNB – the Billa Supermarket on 49, Anna Akhmatova Street.

This is not only the first green building on DGNB in ​​Ukraine but also the first green supermarket in Eastern Europe. A preliminary Silver Certificate was awarded to the customer at the store opening in March 2014 and later confirmed this status.

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