Архітектурні проєкти з квартирографією, яка не відповідає структурі попиту

Architectural projects with layouts of apartments that discrepancy the demand structure

In our opinion, one of the reasons for the illiquid residues is the desire of the architects to simplify the project, which leads to incorrect planning of apartments that do not meet market demand.

The consequences of this are:

  • wrong number of wet areas ( in a one-room apartment, there may be 3 wet areas (two bathrooms and kitchen), and in three-room apartments, there may be 2 wet zones);
  • large bedrooms (bedrooms should be smaller than the living rooms);
  • buyers are always redeveloping balconies and loggia. Whether it is possible to consider this in the following projects? It is a rhetorical question.

There are enough talented and creative companies in Ukraine that can implement interesting projects with high quality. We ask architects to always take into account the main idea and study the target audience.

An example of a failed architectural concept is the residential complex at 26A Peremohy Ave. The residential complex has been suspended for 8 years. During this time, the architectural design of the outdated buildings and the layouts of apartments were not relevant for the modern real estate market.

To get rid of illiquid apartments, the developer has developed a project for the reconstruction of the residential complex. It allowed selling all 233 apartments in 2 years.

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